in the Black Hills of South Dakota would be honored to receive Flat Stanley as a visitor.
Custer State Park encompasses 71,000 acres and is home to abundant wildlife and adventure. At Custer State Park people may go camping, hiking, biking, swimming, fishing, or relaxing, there’s something here for everyone. There are many different kinds of animals that live in Custer State Park including bison, pronghorn, bighorn sheep, elk, and prairie dogs.
Custer State Park is well known for its bison herd. The Lakota Native American word for a male buffalo is Tatanka. The bison are very important to the people of South Dakota. Bison can weigh as much as a car, can run up to 35 mph and can jump several feet high.
Please Mail Flat Stanley to
Custer State Park
Interpretation Division
13329 US Highway 16A
Custer, SD 57730-9705
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